Sunday, March 27, 2016

I finished my Modern Quilt Guild challenge at our retreat.  So I am sharing the picture of it. Also the paint chip next to it shows the colors that needed to be in the block.
The blocks from everyone's challenge are going to put into a quilt and donated to charity.  Also on my quilt retreat I worked on a quilt top that I have had for quite a few years.  Yes, this is one of my UFO's!  The pattern is called spider web and I used batiks.  Hopefully I will get back to it some time this year because I only have 10 blocks to finish which consist of 40 pieced triangles.  This quilt I am keeping because my husband also likes it.  This means a lot to me. because he actually likes a quilted item I made sincerely. I also finished my Runway Addicts jacket, which turned out great.  We had to add a found object in our house to add to the garment.  My found object was a leftover white shoelace, which I couched down the front of one side, along with other fibers.  Until next time Happy Sewing or Quilting!

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